A&D, SV-1A, Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer, 0.3~1000mPa·s

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Units: mPa·s, Pa·s, cP, P
Measurement Method: Tuning Fork Vibration Method (Natural Frequency at 30Hz)
Display: VFD
Power: Power Adaptor
Accessories Included: Stand for Securing the Sensor Unit, X-Y-Z Stage, Cup Set, Software Set (including a Serial-USB Converter),AC Adaptor, Connection Cable (1.5m), Carrying Case
The tuning-fork vibration viscometer has a pair of thin sensor plates of the same natural frequency, which are driven with electromagnetic force to vibrate at the same amplitude. The viscidity produced between the sensor plates and the sample liquid is detected based on the amount of electronic current required to drive the sensor plates and maintain them at a constant amplitude.
2-Year Manufacturer Warranty.