A&D, SV-10, Tuning Fork Vibration Method Viscometer, 0.3 - 10000 mPa·s

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Measurement Method: Tuning Fork Vibration Method (Natural Frequency at 30Hz)
Units: mPa·s, Pa·s, cP, P
Display: VFD
Power: Power Adaptor
Interface: RS-232C
Flexible and Versatile: Wide measurement range: 0.3 – 10,000mPa.s for SV-10, and 1,000 – 100,000mPa.s for SV-100. Measurement of very low viscosities (down to 1/3 of water viscosity!) Small size sample: cups of 35ml, 13ml, 10ml, and even tubes of 2ml (with SV-1A). Possible continuous measurements in order to characterize changes of state. More application possibilities due to measurements taken directly into your containers of choice: beakers, product packages. Fast, Simple, and Accurate: Fast measurements: 1st result within 15 seconds, and refresh in real time. Simple operation: no configuration – just push the start button. Calibration (judgement and even adjustment) of viscosity possible by the user: 1 or 2 points. Simplified and automated calibration (including adjustment) with pure water (SV-10). High precision with a repeatability of ±1% of displayed value. WinCT-Viscosity software for data acquisition on PC, graphic display of curves, and data archiving. Attention to Variables: Temperature measurement from 0 to 160° C. Vibration method allows for negligible thermal impact. Low mechanical impact therefore can preserve sample characteristics and its texture. Temperature control of sample with water jacket option (AX-SV-37) or other methods.
2-Year Manufacturer Warranty.