A&D, FX-1200iN, Precision Balance with External Calibration 1,220 g x 0.01 g, NTEP, Class II e=0.1g

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Units: g, oz, lb, lb/oz, ozt, ct, dwt, GN
Capacity: 1,220 g x 0.01 g, 43 oz x 0.0005 oz, 2.68 lb x 0.00005 lb, 2 lb 11.3 oz x 0.01 oz, 6,100 ct x 0.05 ct, 18,827 GN x 0.2 GN
Platform Size: 5.91 inches round
Power: AC adapter (included) or Ni-MH battery pack (not included)
Construction: Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
Product Part Number: FX-1200iN
Product Model: FX-1200iN
FX-i Series entry level precision balance is a full-featured 0.01g to 1mg resolution balance.The patented Compact Super Hybrid Sensor is at the heart of this unit and provides fast, one-second weighing response time. The FX-i also contains a specially designed internal shock absorber that offers protection from the adverse effects of vertical or transverse overloading.
5-Year Manufacturer Warranty.