Radwag, PM 50.R, Basic Level Moisture Analyzer, 50 g x 1 mg

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PM 50.R-1

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Pan Size: 3.5" Round
Drying Profiles: Standard, Fast, Step, Mild
Finish Mode: Manual, Automatic, Time-Defined, User-Defined
Interface: (1) USB-A, (1) USB-B, (1) RS-232, Ethernet
Display: 5" Color Touchscreen
Moisture analyzer is a laboratory measuring instrument intended to determine relative humidity for small samples of different materials. MA.R series redefines moisture analyzers standards. This series has been equipped with brand new readable LCD display providing an extra text line for information such as supplementary messages and data, e.g. product name or tare value. The moisture analyzer, using respective pictograms, signalizes currently activated mode, computer connection and functions, both balance and service ones. The MA.R series is enriched with various interfaces: RS232, USB type A, USB type B and Wireless Connection as an option. The moisture analyzer is housed in a plastic casing.
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty