Penn Scale, P-10R, Stainless Steel Rotating Dial Scale, 8" Dial, 10 lb capacity

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Dial Size: 8"
Platter Size: 8" x 8"
Construction: Stainless Steel
Dial: Rotating dial enables easy tare option
Zero: Fine Zero Adjustment Knob
Our Commercial Grade Spring Scale line all come with stainless steel platters, and clear, easy to read graphics on the scale faces. Our air damping Dashpot technology, eliminates the “Bounce” to provide quick and accurate measurement everytime. They are primarily used for food portioning, shipping /receiving and general purpose weighing. They are particularly popular for customers who do not have or cannot use electricity near their scale. The P-2R (two pound), P-5R (five pound) and P-10R (eleven pounds) models all share the same footprint and feature set as our regular spring scales but they include a rotating dial feature. This allows the scale face to move so the user can zero out (tare) bowls & scoops or rotate dial to allow precise and easy mixing of ingredients. They have a solid stainless steel body with an 8” x 8” stainless steel platter and 8” dial
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty