Mettler Toledo, PL1502E, Precision Balance, 1,520 g x 0.01g

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Units: G
Capacity: 1,520 x 0.01 g
Pan Size: 6.3 in
Power: AC Adapter & Battery Operasted
The Mettler Toledo PL1502E portable balance has a capacity of 1520 grams and a readability of 0.01 grams with a pan size of 6.3 inches (160mm) diameter. The PL-E line of affordable balances was designed to be used in less than ideal conditions such as temporary work surfaces or in the field. With a vibration-resistand design and small footprint, it can be used almost anywhere.The large backlit display is designed to be readable under any lighting condition and comes with a stackable cover that allows stacking of up to five units. Standard features include an RS232 interface and weigh a below hook and inlcuded 10 applications.
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty