LW Measurements MRC 6500 Bluetooth Aluminum Race Car Scale, 6500 lb x 1 lb, LED Display, Rechargeable Battery, w/Ramps

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Units: kg, lb
Platter Size: 14 x 16 in
Display: 0.56 in LED
Construction: Aluminum Casing
Power: Rechargeable battery with 12VDC AC Adapter
The MRC Series is the perfect solution for race car and go kart weighing. Each system is made up of four weighing platforms and one indicator that connects to them via bluetooth. The platforms are contructed of aluminum for durability. With a 0.56 inch LED displays, the indicator shows the individual weight on each platform, the combined weight of the front, rear, left, and right sides, as well as the total weight. It also shows the front, rear, left, right percentage of the total weight to see how the car is balanced. This series comes in either 2000 lb or 6500 lb capacity. This specific system is the 6500 lb capacity, with each platform having an individual capacity of 1625 lbs. This system uses a rechargeable battery and comes with an AC adapter.
This listing includes 4 ramps, one for each pad.
2-Year Manufacturer Warranty.