A&D, MPA-1200, Single Channel Electronic Pipette, 100 to 1200 μL x 1 µL

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Operating Mode: Standard mode (AUTO), Multiple dispensing mode (MD), Mixing mode (MIX),
Program Memory: 9 Programs
Maximum Number of Pipetting Cycles: 1,800 (On a full charge)
Charge Time: Approx. 5 hours
Power Saving: Automatic power off after 10 minutes of inactivity
Better Precision Over Manual: Automatic operation assures accuracy for everyone at all times while minimizing operator/volume settings errors. The high precision stepping motor ensures uniform consistent aspiration/dispensing. Be confident with easy calibration (adjustment) by yourself – user CAL function. Perfect Ergonomic Fit & Feel: Lightweight like a manual, our electronic has a low center of gravity making it easy to hold for hours. Prevent repeatative strain injury with our ergo friendly forefinger "trigger-like" plunger. Comfortable relaxed cradle due to the perfectly balance fingerhook which helps to reduce stress to have a pain-free workflow all day long . Flexible aspirating/dispensing speeds adjustable to 5 level. Adjustable tip ejector that is color coded for quick volume/tip identification. Flexible Operations: Pick from a variety of modes: Mixing Mode for homoginizing, Reverse pipetting for viscous samples, Multiple dispensing (MD) mode for microplates. Calibration & display can be view a unit of volume (µL) and weight (mg) ideal for pipetting calibration on with a balance. Impact-absorbing pads prevents damage due to falls. Battery and Charging Options - 1,800 pipettings guaranteed on a full charge & you can pipette while charging the battery at the same time via USB connection.